About Geller's

Geller’s was born from a true love of working outdoors. With over fifteen years of landscape experience to his name, Matt Bell created Geller’s to provide an alternative to the napkin sketches and spray painted plans of the past. With proper planning and attention to detail Geller’s is able to design, build and landscape stunning outdoor spaces. As the company has grown, so has the Geller family to include brothers, cousins, friends and the infamous Aunt Jacqui. 


As a family run business we provide a high level of communication paired with professional design and build services. We feel we are partners with home owners, builders, and other contractors to ensure a smooth process from our initial meeting to the end of the project. The majority of our work is completed by our very own certified and educated staff which allow us to maintain the highest level of quality control on site.


While most companies walk away from a project upon completion, we have a large maintenance division dedicated to ensuring your landscape improves with time. From weekly lawn service visits, to pruning and flower bed upkeep, we are dedicated to creating a lasting landscape and outdoor space within your property. We work to build lasting relationships that allow our clients to count on one contractor for years to come. 

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