Upon completing designs, projects will be scheduled for construction. Most projects are scheduled months or seasons in advance. 


As construction begins, clients are provided with a detailed construction timeline for their specific project. A dedicated manager - likely a member of our family - is assigned to your project. They are able to be a daily point of contact from start to finish, adjusting as needed to any changes that take place during construction. All working crews have a dedicated foreman who work in our industry on a year round basis.


Our staff are craftsmen opposed to employees.  Many of our staff hold degrees or certifications from various industry groups such as the International Concrete Paving Institute, International Society of Arbouriculture, Red Seal Carpentry & Landscape Horticulture, Red River Greenspace Horticulture, and the University of Manitoba Faculty of Environmental Design.  


All of the individuals at Geller’s take an immense amount of pride in creating beautiful, one of a kind landscapes, like yours!