What separates Geller’s from our competition is the creativity, ingenuity and attention to detail that takes place during our design phase, followed by above industry standard specifications with construction.


The majority of our construction projects begin with a design, which can take a few hours to a few months to perfect. Are you looking to create a yard to entertain? A pool to keep the kids busy? A shady area to relax in? Perhaps all three! From an initial meeting, we work to define the goals of your outdoor space. We will help to realize the purpose, budget and style for your project. 


Afterwards, we get to work. Gone are the days of napkin sketches; we work with unique landscape specific design software to create multiple visions of your project. While keeping the same level of detail found in home and building construction, we are able to present our ideas in 3D to help you envision your space. You have the ability to see your project before it begins and avoid the guess work associated with 2D sketches.


All of our designs incorporate realistic products and finishes. We work with locally grown shrubs and trees, paving stone available from a variety of manufacturers, timber’s harvested within Canada, and many local artisans to create a special feature like a fireplace, custom mantle, or one-of-a-kind gate. 


Our very own construction yard gives homeowners the ability to see all of these products and finishes in one location, to minimize the time required to view all options. Before construction even begins on your project, you can envision the end result.