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Design is subjective. What someone likes isn’t necessarily what another likes. Styles change with time and experience. Geller’s style is qualityWe fall in love with designs that our clients fall in love with. Yes, we are happy to bring fresh, exciting and unique ideas to the table, but we design for you, not us. We have experience with a wide range of styles from modern and contemporary to traditional and classic - with everything in between.

We take a more detailed approach than most. Designs are presented and completed in 3D industry leading software, allowing you to see exactly what your project will look like upon completion. We don’t believe in napkin sketches, pen and paper drawings, or a big dramatic reveal that leaves you guessing throughout the build phase. We want you to feel comfortable when the first shovel hits the dirt that our plan and process will build you exactly what you expect.

The majority of our work starts with an initial, no-charge onsite consult. We discuss project timing, how you wish to utilize the space, and budget. Simple projects like renovating a front planting bed, or repairing some paving stone will receive quotes and a plan at no charge. New build designs, pool surrounds, or extensive renovations will receive a formal design proposal before we begin to work on the project. If you already have designs prepared, we can provide build quotes at no charge. 

When working through a formal design process, we start with an accurate elevation based property survey. This allows us to design a yard that will drain properly, and stand the test of time. We present 2 or 3 different options at our first presentation, at different price points, to empower you with the project budget. You can decide where to invest a little more, and perhaps where to pull back a little on the project. We will have some unique ideas you may not have thought about. Many clients will pull different elements from each plan, to work towards a revised, master plan for the project. We do all the leg work of selecting material finishes, planting materials, elevation plans and more - you can have as much or as little input as you would like. 

When you absolutely love the design as presented, we provide you with a detailed build quote. Clients who move forward with the build will have their design fees credited towards the project build cost. This provides great value for clients who work with Geller's from start to finish on their projects. 

We truly believe that regardless of your style or budget, you can #JustGetGellers for all your outdoor needs!