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Trees & Shrubs

At Geller’s we have always taken great pride in our pruning and shaping abilities. All employees trusted with this skill have undergone countless supervised hours of training to ensure your trees and shrubs will always look their absolute best. Click  here for a free estimate.

Our services include:

  • Ornamental, hedge and bush/shrub shaping - shape to a clients request (square, circle, etc.) or work with the natural landscape and growth patterns to maximize a plants aesthetic appeal.
  • Low lying tree pruning - prune and dispose of branches that are becoming a safety hazard or blocking sunlight. 
  • Tree removal and stump grinding - available for most trees.

Gardens & Tilling

From a thriving vegetable garden to a blossoming flower and perennial planter at Geller’s we have the experience and green thumb to take care of things.

Available services:

  • Initial tilling and earth turning over - available for all sizes, from small city gardens to large acreage fields
  • Planting - annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees

Plant selection, design, and layout taking into account microclimates within your property

Click  here for a free estimate.