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Fiberglass Swimming Pools

At Geller’s we are excited to offer in-ground fiberglass pool installations in the Manitoba market. Fiberglass pools are a superior option to traditional vinyl-over-steel pools, with limited lifetime warranties and seamless construction. Every pool is individually engineered to your specific property to withstand the harsh Manitoba winters. With limited sub-contractors and Geller's staff working on every aspect of your project you can rest assured that your build will come in on time, on budget and with an attention to detail unmatched within the industry. Whether you are looking for a lounge space to melt away the weekend, a lap pool to exercise in, or a kid friendly water park, we will get it done for you.

What are Fiberglass Swimming Pools?

Pre-engineered fiberglass pools come to your property install ready. Millions of glass threads are woven together to make the fiberglass over a pre-made mold, which is then coated in a polyester resin. Fiberglass is extremely durable, yet flexible, resulting in perfect 
in-ground pools engineered specifically for our climate in Manitoba. There is no risk of corrosion with a fiberglass pool making them ideal for saltwater systems. Fiberglass pools typically use between
30 - 50% less chemicals than a traditional pool installation and the best part of fiberglass pools is that you never have to replace a liner! 




Automatic pool covers are dependable, safe, and simple to use. With the touch of a button, your automatic safety cover can be opened or closed. For homeowners who want to prevent accidents and keep loved ones and pets out of harm's way, automatic pool covers offer incredible peace of mind. Every automated cover is made from top-notch components and is specifically tailored to fit your pool preventing water and heat loss from evaporation. 


Make it your own with a variety of accessories to your pool such as slides, diving boards and water features as a finishing touch!


Lower the maintenance on your in-ground pool with automated heat, pump activation, chemicals and more! We use hayward omni-systems for seamless integration with your smartphone.

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Ocean Blue

Installation and Longevity

Fiberglass pools are efficient to install and stand the test of time. They are pre-engineered, which makes the installation procedure go quickly. You can begin using your new pool in as little as one week from the beginning of your project build. Comparatively, installing a vinyl pool can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks and concrete pools as long as 3-6 months. While vinyl pools must be constructed on site lengthening the construction process and not to mention keeping your yard in disarray for a lot longer, fiberglass pools can be craned in and set up within a couple of days.

Fiberglass swimming pools can survive as long as the property they are placed in. For context, consider the fact that fiberglass pools installed in the 1960s are still standing today! With an eight-element manufacturing process and greater compressive strength, carbon-infused solutions industry-leading thickness and durability. Fiberglass pools offer the lowest maintenance profile in comparison to other pool options. Additionally, fiberglass is easy to clean and limits the formation of algae thanks to the sturdy, smooth finish. There are also no high maintenance costs, such as those associated with replacing liners in vinyl pools, and fiberglass pools require 30 - 50% less chemicals to maintain cleanliness than other pool varieties.

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Fiberglass vs Vinyl vs Concrete

Ultimately, the best type of in-ground swimming pool is the one that lets you get the most enjoyment out of your backyard. Setting yourself up for a lifetime of enjoyment and memories begins with planning your ideal pool. We'll examine aspects like installation time, style and customization, pool cost, durability and upkeep requirements to help you understand the differences between fiberglass, vinyl liner pools and concrete pools to assist you in making the greatest swimming pool decision for you. The difference in cost between vinyl and fiberglass pools is quickly recovered over as little as a 5-year period, due to the strong durability of fiberglass and lower maintenance costs - no need to replace any liners with fiberglass! From the comfort of your own backyard, a pool provides you with many years of fun. Your priorities for your backyard pool experience will define the style of pool that is best for you. Finding the ideal pool materials to boost your pool's long-term recreational and relaxation benefits can be done by weighing the pros and cons.

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