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Design Services Offered:

We offer a variety of services within our Design Division, tailored to you based on your project needs. See our chart below to see our different Design Services and find out what we can do for you!

Design Services Chart

Team Design-Build

Team Design-Build Services are suited for clients creating an entire outdoor living space, seeking various design options to determine value, and are considering Geller’s for the construction work. Our most popular design route, this option helps establish a project budget and includes three distinct designs followed by multiple revisions and a reserved spot in Geller's construction calendar without committing to the build upfront. Designs are reviewed based on investment values, with revisions made to meet the budget and final vision. Once the design is finalized, clients receive a formal build quote. Starting at around $4,000, the total cost of design depends on project details.

  • Everything within a solo design, plus

  • Client-facing landscape plans

  • Detailed video presentations and job costing

  • 3D walk through videos

  • 3D prints

  • Fully detailed and reviewed revision process

  • A detailed, formal build quote

  • Reserved construction space upon signature

What's included?

Landscape Enhancement Design:

Landscape Enhancement Designs cater to clients who know what small scale additions they would like to have in their landscape like shrubs, trees and unique house number features. Geller's also specializes in smaller-scale projects such as patios and front yard landscaping, offering free quotes and providing a basic 2D landscape drawing to refine the build contract upon acceptance of the quote.

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Example of Design Layout

Solo Design Services

Solo Design Services are perfect for clients who are confident in their vision for a full landscape design, who are clear on landscaping costs and want to work directly with a qualified Landscape Designer. This option is well-suited for homeowners planning to complete the build in stages, who want to do the work themselves, or prefer a more modest design. Charged hourly, this service involves collaborative work between you and one of our designers to develop a comprehensive landscape plan using advanced 3D software, with costs usually falling between $2,000 and $4,000 based on project scope.

What's included?

  • Scaled landscape plan

  • 2D basic construction schematic

  • 3D walk through video

  • 3D rendering prints

  • General material selection and sizing

  • Limited Revisions

Pool Projects

Clients who hire Geller's for a pool installation will collaborate with a certified Landscape Designer on their outdoor space. That's right, a designer will work with you on your project, not a sales representative! A fiberglass pool quote is provided to all pool clients free of charge and following this quote if you choose to book with Geller's you will be able to work with a Geller's designer at no additional cost. Geller’s can enhance your space with features like paving stones, concrete, trees, shrubs, kitchens, pergolas, cabanas and more regardless of who handles the rest of the landscaping. Our design team includes a licensed Landscape Architect and experienced designers with graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Manitoba. This diverse expertise ensures a high-level professional skill set for your pool project.

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