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Belgard Stone surrounding Fiberglass Pool

Retail Sales

Pergola using CUTEK Wood Stain

At Geller's, we're dedicated to not only providing top-notch landscaping services but also offering
high-quality products for your own projects. We are proud to offer a curated selection of the same professional-grade products we use in our projects, available for purchase by appointment. Be sure to tag us in any posts showcasing your project and you could be featured on our social media!

Why Choose Our Products?

  • Professional Quality: We only offer products that meet our performance standards, ensuring they deliver exceptional results every time. We will never sell you anything we don't believe in.

  • Trusted Brands: We partner with brands known for their reliability and performance in the landscaping industry.

  • Expert Advice: Our team is here to provide expert advice and guidance on product selection, usage and maintenance so you can be confident you're getting the most out of your purchase.

Browse Our Selection

Explore our range of products, including:

CUTEK Wood Stain

  • The Geller's team has used CUTEK Wood Stain on a number of our projects shown in our Portfolio.

  • If you'd like to know which projects our team used this premium stain, reach out to our team.

  • Enhance your wood by preparing it properly for coating.

  • Protect its natural beauty and provide added dimensional stability for its future.

  • Stain comes in a variety of colours to make your project shine!

Belgard Paving Stone

Paving Stone & Walls

  • We're proud to offer both Barkman and Belgard paving stones.

  • The Geller's team exclusively uses these paving stones for all of our projects. Pathways, patios and decorative features are all beautifully handcrafted using Barkman and Belgard paving stones.​

  • Barkman began in 1948 right here in Manitoba and is still solely operating in our province.

  • Belgard has been the number one hardscapes brand in North America for over 20 years.

Example of Lawn Tech

General Landscaping Products

  • Plastic and aluminum lawn edging

  • PAVE TECH edge restraint

  • Landscape fabric

Open Pallet Stone

Open Pallet Paving Stone & Wall

  • As you've seen from our Portfolio, we use a lot of decorative brick and paving stone for our projects. We frequently have extra but we don't want them to go to waste and we'd love to see them go to a good home to help you with your next project!

  • Like our other products, we only sell the products we trust on our projects.

  • We sell unused paving stones up to 80% off retail price and offer volume discounts.

How to Purchase

To schedule an appointment to view our products or make a purchase, please fill out the contact form below. We'll be happy to assist you and ensure you find the perfect products for your needs.

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