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Property Enhancement Services

We never forget where we started and will never waiver from providing our services to all projects, no matter the size. While our showcased landscapes stand as testament to our capabilities, we specialize in providing the simplest of enhancement services for more modest outdoor spaces as well. No project is too small for us, whether it's planting a few trees, shrubs or plants, lifting and relaying paving stones or adding the perfect accent with mulch or rock.

Our commitment to turning your smaller landscape into a delightful haven is unwavering. With a dedicated team that excels in attention to detail, we bring a client-centric approach to understand and fulfill your unique vision. At Geller's, we believe in saying "yes" to every landscaping aspiration, ensuring that even the simplest enhancements contribute to the beauty of your outdoor space. Contact us today, and let's embark on a journey to enhance the charm of your smaller landscape, one detail at a time.


Examples of the services that can be provided within our Enhancement Division:

  • Tree and shrub planting

  • Decorative rock or mulch bed installation

  • Grading and drain solutions

  • Small fire pits and patios

  • Soil and sod

  • New home landscape (No design required, meet city requirements)

  • Landscape repairs

  • Landscape Lighting Installations

  • Small Water Feature Installations

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